Roenick, Modano talk final beard adventure

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Is this the end of the Funny or Die-fueled playoff beard adventures from retired NHL stars Jeremy Roenick and Mike Modano?

In a word, yes. Just check the video from FOD and Philips Norelco to see how these players lose the beards they worked so hard (they worked hard, right?) to grow.

Meanwhile, we caught up with the duo earlier this week to talk about their comedy debut. (You can check out the first installment here and the second one here.

Playbook: So ... how was it?

Modano: It was a lot of fun. I think we enjoyed it. J.R. contacted me, and it sounded like it would be a lot of fun -- spend a day in New York and do this. And the response has been good, I think the ads have turned out really good. A lot funnier than I think we thought [they] would be while we were doing them.

Roenick: I've got to go right along with Mike. There really was nobody else I thought about doing this with, and Mike, the fact that we could team up with such a high-profile company like Norelco, to me was a no-brainer.

It's the most exciting time of the year, and obviously one of the big things that everybody watches are the beards grow during the playoffs. I was at the rink [Wednesday] morning, it's just like Grizzly Adams. It's a tribute to Grizzly Adams on ice. Guys like Dustin Penner, you can't even recognize 'em.

So I think it's just a nice marriage -- it's a nice marriage between the National Hockey League playoffs and then you bring back guys like Mike and I, who throughout our whole years, battled each other [with] admiration and respect. It was a good team to get out there and talk about the tradition.

Playbook: And the experience of shooting?

Roenick: They made it so easy for Mike and I. Mike lives in Dallas. I'm traveling all over the place [working for] NBC. But Norelco was very easy to work with. They were prepared. When we first looked at them, we kind of looked at each other ... and said, we're going to get a lot of laughs, and we're going to get made fun of a lot.

The ads are witty and sharp, and Mike and I had a blast doing it.

Playbook: Did you guys improvise anything?

Roenick: Yeah, I called Mike a sexy b----- [in the first ad]. Which I call him all the time. The script called for me saying, 'You look great.' But that just wasn't good enough for Mike. So I called him a sexy b----- and it came off a lot better.

Modano: I think we kind of tongue-in-cheeked it pretty good and worked off each other pretty well. Hopefully it's a sign of more stuff to come.

Playbook: Finally, gotta ask: Who has the best beard out there right now? You mentioned Penner ...

Roenick: Like I said, it would be Dustin Penner right now. But Justin Williams has a pretty good one now. There's a big conglomerate of growing in the locker room. I was in there [Wednesday], and it was not a pretty sight. There were some Grizzly Adams-looking [guys] in that place. It was funny.

Photo: Dan Arritt for ESPNLA.com