Mike Greenberg's wife critiques his work

Special correspondent Stacy Greenberg -- Mike Greenberg’s wife -- provided a post-show assessment of her very own “dancing star” on his appearance on "Live! With Kelly" this past week.

“It’s totally different [from when he's paired with Mike Golic], but he’s stunningly comfortable sitting next to a girly girl -- they have a lot of common interests: shopping, getting their hair and nails done,” said Stacy, while driving the pair home from Manhattan. (Yes, she does the driving, explaining, “He’s a very, very bad driver. I can get from A to B better. I can parallel park. And, he can Tweet.”)

When she said “Michael is one of the best five or six guest hosts I’ve seen with Kelly,” one could only assume she was just saying that because “Michael” was right there in the front seat. But when asked how many guest hosts she’d seen, she candidly replied, “Five or six.”

Greeny got his blue suit and tie slightly ruffled when an untucked-shirt stylin’ Bill Hader greeted him with a big man-hug as the "Saturday Night Live" star was introduced.

“I was worried about his reaction," Stacy said, "so I instinctively reached for my Purell."