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Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll brings us today's baseball news:

Cain was "too legit to quit" Wednesday against the Astros and this former Oakland A's batboy showed some love for their cross-bay rivals:

In case you were wondering, Phil Hughes makes the next start for Aardsma and the Yankees on Friday:

Twitter wasn't around in 1992, but we got a look at what might have been trending during the Barcelona Olympics during the debut telecast of the "Dream Team" documentary on NBA TV.

Isiah Thomas went so far as to issue this statement:

Owly Images

This should give him a reason to smile:

Jamal Crawford poses an interesting question. Answer among yourselves:

"Believe" it - Bieber fever is spreading with the release of upcoming album next week. The sports world is not immune. Arizona closer J.J. Putz got a big "save" when he pulled this autographed card and couldn't wait to show teammate Brad Zeigler:

Green Bay tight end Tom Crabtree took it upon himself to inform Bieber about the starting time of Thursday's practice.

The Minnesota Twins offered the classiest tweet of the day after ex-Twin went deep in a 9-8 loss to the Phillies

Jimmie Johnson hosted a fan chat Wednesday and fielded a variety of racing-relating questions and few not-so-racing-related queries, too:

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And when it was over, Johnson showed he could drive as well as he could drive:

What a swing! A shot of @JimmieJohnson teeing off at the @Wal... on Twitpic

Charlie Sheen welcomes an ex-heavyweight champion to the social media ring:

Finally, today's "aw, shucks" image of the day comes courtesy of NASCAR's Juan Pablo Montoya:


• Jay Garcia and Rebecca Lopez found love in a very unlikely place, an NBA team's chat-room. Now the couple plans to get married, writes Ken Rodriguez. (Spurs.Com)

• Here's the only mixtape you'll need to stay to tuned into the NBA Finals, which resume with Game 2 tonight in Oklahoma City. (Buzzfeed)

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