Trending: Bill Hader roots on Thunder

The Miami Heat have plenty of haters, but the Oklahoma City Thunder can claim a big-time Hader. "Saturday Night Live" star Bill Hader, a Tulsa native, talks up the Thunder before Game 2.

Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ochocinco roots his new hometown team to its 100-96 victory against Oklahoma City Thursday. He is joined by this man in black -- at least when the Saints choose their dark uniforms.

Smith, a defensive end for New Orleans, has been suspended for the first four games of the season. He kept his followers updated throughout the game. He is pretty pleased with the outcome:

Jeff Gordon stays up a bit too late to cheer on the Thunder:

In the sounds-like-NASCAR department, the other Jimmy Johnson (the one with the "y" and those two Super Bowl rings) reinforces his South Florida ties:

Away from the court, Minnesota's Ricky Rubio puts his followers through quite a workout:

A major coaching announcement in the Premier League set Twitter abuzz on Friday. The below-mentioned Spurs reside in Tottehman, not San Antonio:

After offering his English teammates some scoring tips, suspended striker Wayne Rooney will be cheering them on vs. Sweden:

The Kings celebrate their Stanley Cup crown and the NHL offers this championship-eye perspective of the festivities:

Finally, today's "aw, shucks" image of the day comes courtesy of Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald:


• Just how young are Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant? Well, they look up to Micheal Cera and Carly Rae Jepsen on the celebrity age chart. (Buzzfeed)

• Oh, heavens no! Kevin Marcus Ellison of the Spokane Shock Arena League jumped from his burning third-floor apartment, reportedly after he started a fire with a marijuana cigarette because "God had told him to," authorities said. (The Spokesman-Review)

• Who says it isn't always about the money? Check out the monetary prize breakdown from this weekend's U.S. Open. (GolfBlogger.Co.UK.)

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