Mike Tyson returns to ring in 'WWE 13'

Boxing legend Mike Tyson will help bring back the Attitude Era to wrestling in "WWE 13." Courtesy of THQ

THQ’s “WWE 13” is all about re-living and re-imagining the Attitude Era, and wrestling historians can argue that there was no bigger landscape shifting event in the Monday Night Wars than the addition of “Iron” Mike Tyson to Raw.

But thanks to the WWE video game, you can finally do more than just make Tyson a special referee or enforcer; you can actually put him in the ring and have the classic boxer vs. wrestler bout you always dreamed of, even pitting “the baddest man on the planet” against the brawler who flipped him the bird during his first Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It's been a big week of announcements for Tyson, who announced on Monday he'll be starring in one-man Broadway show.

The Tyson character will be made available for anybody who pre-orders “WWE 13” in the United States or Canada for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo Wii.