Sovens, 'Wake Brothers' coming to MTV

MTV today announced a new reality series “Wake Brothers,” which follows the personal and professional lives of wakeboarding sibling superstars Phil and Bob Soven, will premiere on July 25 at 11 p.m. ET.

These brothers who live in Orlando, Fla., couldn't be more different. The 23-year-old Phil, the No. 1 wakeboarder in the world, is quiet and known as "Ice Man," while the 20-year-old, redheaded Bob is the wild one known to create "Ginger Mayhem."

"There have definitely been some fights, but that's how we are," Phil said. "We have always argued and brawled from time to time. He makes dumb jokes so I beat him up and make him sleep outside. That's how siblings are supposed to act, right?"

"Wake Brothers," a half-hour, 12-episode series, will chronicle their shenanigans as Phil battles to stay on top while Bob attempts to be the life of the party and torment Phil along the way.

"I'm just trying to help the kid get out of his shell," Bob joked. "In some ways, I think this show is making me step back in my maturity growth!"

So Phil, does Bob get under your skin?

"Not so much. Robert actually used to be a shy little kid, believe it or not," Phil said. "He's the one who has come out of his shell the past few years. We have a little sibling rivalry. That's always been there. He tries, though."