Mets sending 'Little Jerry Seinfeld' to farm

The New York Mets' new team mascot, "Little Jerry Seinfeld," has found a permanent home.

The chicken will be heading to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, N.Y., according to a spokesperson for the sanctuary. Lefty reliever Tim Byrdak, who came up with the idea to purchase the chicken and didn't want to see it killed, will present the chicken to Farm Sanctuary representatives in a ceremony outside the Mets clubhouse at 6 p.m. on Sunday.

"We're so thrilled that this chicken will get to enjoy his days with the other chickens at Farm Sanctuary," Farm Sanctuary spokesperson Meredith Turner said. "He's a very lucky bird, luckier than the rest of the market and the others who suffer. We couldn't be more thrilled. Tim contacted us and made sure this bird would be able to enjoy the life that all chickens deserve."

Byrdak had a clubhouse attendant buy the chicken in Chinatown for $8 Friday after Mets closer Frank Francisco created a stir by calling the New York Yankees "chickens."

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