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Sunday's Euro 2012 final is set. Shakira's boyfriend ready to help Spain mount its best defense against Italy:

Imagine what Mario Balotelli will accomplish by the time he's 30:

Italy might ride this bus all the way to the Euro 2012 championship:

Super Mario? Try superb?

OK, the real Prince Charles might have kept Chancellor Merkel's message to himself. But his faux counterpart couldn't wait to spread the word:

Ann Curry wasn't the only big name to make a surprising exit on Thursday. The big upset at Wimbledon was not lost in the Euro 2012 shuffle by this English footballer:

Rafael Nadal was humble and gracious in any language after losing to Lukas Rosol. (The very rough and not-at-all-literal translation: "You win some, you lose some.")

This is what happens when you go from 1,500-1 to 20-1 to win Wimbledon after upsetting the No. 2 player in the world:

NBA Draft - "Believe It or Not Edition." Well, believe it:

It was a family affair for this father and son duo from Winter Park, Fla.:

From austinjrivers on Instagram

More than one person tweeted speculation on who would be signed first in New Orleans: No. 1 pick Anthony Davis or franchise QB Drew Brees?

The NBA draft triggered this tearful exchange between the No. 3 pick in the NHL draft, defenseman Alex Galchenyuk of the Canadiens, and the Bruins first-round pick and goalie Malcolm Subban. Galchenyuk had questioned why so many rookie NBA players were crying on draft night.

The New York Mets made a last-minute recruiting pitch to some heavy hitters in their quest to get David Wright elected to the All-Star Team:

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