Topps' UFC cards to include mouthpieces

Topps' next UFC trading card set will be a little mouthy -- and that should suit MMA fans just fine.

When the Topps Finest UFC product arrives later this month, it will include cards with complete fight-used mouthpieces embedded into them -- in essence an encased mouthguard displayed via a collectible.

It's called a Grill Gear Relic.

“Its just an ongoing effort by our company to be innovative, to push the bounds, to do our best to give our collectors great content and to connect them with their favorite fighters,” Topps VP Mark Sapir said. “We are all about bringing the game, the fight, etc., to our collectors and this is just another special way we plan to do this.”

The final checklist for this one has not yet been revealed, but it's just the latest creative thing that the company's license can offer unlike other sports where nearly everything already has been monetized.

"UFC fighters really want to partner with us, really want to give their fans something special," Sapir said. "[They are] more open to creative unique ideas and offerings, they truly are all about giving to their fans and as a result are more open to our ideas."

These cards won't actually be found in packs because of their thickness. Instead a redemption card will be placed into packs and its code must be entered online to have the card mailed to its owner. The Topps UFC Finest product arrives on July 18.

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