Ochocinco invites Ohio widow to wedding

Chad Ochocinco added a surprise last-minute addition to his wedding Tuesday afternoon, cheering up a grieving Ohio widow who reached out to him on Twitter.

Cheryl Minton, 66, of Franklin, Ohio, will be attending the Miami wide receiver's wedding to Evelyn Lozada in St. Martin in the Caribbean on Wednesday. Her surprise trip came as a result of this brief conversation Tuesday afternoon:

And that was it, she was off to the wedding with Ochocinco covering her flight and hotel expenses:

“I can’t thank him enough,” Minton told the Middletown (Ohio) Journal. “I’m so anxious to see him and see him get married. It’ll be wonderful. He’s a very, very big-hearted, warm person.” Minton's husband Denzil, 72, died of a stroke two weeks ago while working as a high school janitor. Tuesday would have been their 30th wedding anniversary.

Minton has tweeted Ochocinco several times and received a few responses. She reportedly has been an Ochocinco/Chad Johnson fan since his days with the Bengals. “I’m blessed,” she told the newspaper. “Things like that don’t happen to people like me.”

The wedding, which will have more than 300 guests, is being filmed as part of a VH1 Reality TV series named "Eve and Ocho." As far as plans for his final night of freedom before marrying Lozada, his fiancée and "Basketball Wives" starlet, Ochocinco doesn't have big plans: