ESPYS Interview Series: Vince Young

For the 20th ESPYS, ESPN has selected the 20 greatest sports moments of the past 20 years. At No. 15, quarterback Vince Young led Texas with one of the most dominating performances of his career when he scrambled for a touchdown to lift Texas to a National Championship victory. Young recently spoke with ESPN.com about the Rose Bowl, his favorite memories from the ESPYS and his new role with the Buffalo Bills.

In 2006, Texas defeated USC in the Rose Bowl. Take me back to that moment and the intensity surrounding that game.

All week we heard about USC this and USC that, and when I lost the Heisman, I was pretty upset. As a team, we had to get ready for a huge game and we had to bring it back to Texas. From start to finish, it was a great game.

What do you remember most from the game?

From the national anthem all the way up to the fireworks at the start of the game. It was a great moment. Coach Brown told us it could be one of the most memorable moments of our life if we go out there and take care of our responsibility.

In 2006, you had one of the most dominating individual performances in the Rose Bowl, was that the highlight of your college career?

Yeah. After I had hernia surgery, it was a struggle. At the start of the 2005 season, it was tough talking from the bed trying to make sure my teammates were working out. Overall, finishing that season undefeated as well as winning the Rose Bowl was the highlight of my college days.

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