Ken Block's 'Gymkhana Five' video released

This year's X Games RallyCross silver medalist Ken Block was still in diapers when Steve McQueen ravaged the streets of San Francisco in a high-performance Ford for the big-screen classic "Bullitt." Now, 44 years later, there has been a reunion of sorts for the iconic U.S. car company and those steep-and-narrow streets. But this time, it's Block behind the wheel.

To witness that screaming, smoking three-way between man, car and road, a couple hundred mostly well-groomed guests filled The Mixing Room at the JW Marriott during X Games weekend for the premiere of "Gymkhana Five."

The 10-minute video, live at the DC Shoes Film YouTube site and presented above, is Block's latest translation of a growing motorsports discipline in which drivers negotiate complex, obstacle-filled courses with drifting, spins, reversals and other advanced driving skills.

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