It's Playbook's 2012 ESPYS predictions!

We know who will walk down the red carpet. But who will win? Time for us to guess ... ESPN

Who had the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series?

(If you did, be quiet for a second.)

Or the Los Angeles Kings climbing from the No. 8 seed to Stanley Cup glory?

Or the New York Giants even getting to the Super Bowl, let alone beating the New England Patriots (again)?

And let's not forget how things looked when the Miami Heat trailed the Oklahoma City Thunder ... and Boston Celtics ... and Indiana Pacers before carrying home the Larry O'Brien trophy last month.

In other words, sports are unpredictable. And so are the ESPYS.

But we're giving predicting them a go -- with no inside information, mind you -- in an attempt to look as good on our ESPYS picks as we did on our Oscars ones (they weren't published, but trust us -- we did well).

So without further introduction ...


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