Kate Upton scenes in 'Three Stooges' cut

Thousands of people this weekend saw "Three Stooges", and I'd venture to say some were looking for the scene of Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Kate Upton to emerge from the pool in her very revealing nun outfit -- as you can see in the preview clip above.

But, that wasn't the case in the movie.

Seems the Motion Picture Association of America thought the scene was too revealing, and directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly had to eliminate it from the final movie, which finished second in its debut weekend to "Hunger Games."

"Yeah, can you believe that? I guess it's OK for kids killing kids, but you can't show a woman in a bathing suit?" Peter Farrelly to ESPN Playbook Trending. "It looked pretty harmless to me. She was just jiggling around."

It might have something to do with The American Catholic League, who described the bathing suit scene of "Sister Bernie" as blasphemous. And word got back to the MPPA, and the scene was deleted.

"Those people in that group are just uptight," director Bobby Farrelly said. "They have nothing better to do than that?"

Upton wasn't the only person with sports ties in the movie. New England Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo and former Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown were "gang bangers". And Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard made an appearance near the end of the movie.

"We spent time trying to figure out what to do with Dwight, but we couldn't come up with anything," Peter Farrelly said. "So he was just standing there helping kids play basketball. How original is that?"