Body Issue's Ronda Rousey grilled by sister

Body Issue 2012: Ronda Rousey (1:44)

Go behind the scenes for the making of ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue with Ronda Rousey. (1:44)

The ESPN The Magazine Body Issue has officially hit newsstands. The 2012 edition features six different cover athletes. Mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey is one of them.

The 135-pound Strikeforce champion and 2008 Olympic medalist is not just a force in the cage. She is someone you don’t want to mess with in the Twitterverse either.

She’s amassed more than 80,000 followers in just over a year on Twitter. She won one of the UFC’s most recent Twitter bonuses. She even admits that she used the social media site to help talk herself into a title shot. In a sport that’s been at the forefront of social media, she has quickly established herself among MMA’s social media elite. She is also hands down winning ESPN The Magazine's Twitter poll for favorite cover athlete.

Oh yeah, and she’s my little sister. I called her on her way to the ESPYS this week to talk social media, her newest Web nemesis and those photos.

You were the recipient of one of the UFC’s spring Twitter bonuses for “most creative” tweets. What did you spend your money on?


Who is someone everyone should follow on Twitter?

Joe Rogan. He doesn’t just post about MMA, but conspiracy theory stuff and all these interesting articles. Plus, I’m a huge fan of his podcast.

Conspiracy theories? Like when [our sister] Jen and I convinced you that you were left on our doorstep by your real alien parents?

Hey, I was like 5. But now that you mention it, that might actually be where the fascination began.

Who is one person that no one should ever follow on Twitter?

RR: Kim Kardashian. No explanation needed.

What’s the best tweet you’ve ever written?

There’s that infamous one about [Cristiane] Cyborg [Santos]. [Note, it's NSFW, so we'll let you uncover that one for yourself.]

I think that includes several words we can’t print.

Oh yeah. Here’s another one: “Hello, anybody home? No one’s home. Goodbye pants.”

No pants. That segues nicely into my next topic -- the ESPN The Magazine Body Issue, of which you’re on the cover. Mom says you did not even tell her you posed for it. What was her reaction when she saw the pictures?

I was trying to explain to her that it was "artistically nude." Mom said: "Hmm. As far as I can tell, that's pretty much the same thing as naked." She kind of gave me one of those motherly disapproval looks. But [our stepfather] Dennis kind of helped me out when he made the point, “At least she wasn't the naked guy with the horse licking his bald head." She couldn’t really argue there.

All-Star Game social success

The first inning of Tuesday’s All-Star Game was a big one -- and not just because the game itself was pretty much decided by the time the inning was over. In the time it took for each team to record three outs, the event had generated more social media comments than the entire 2011 All-Star Game. According to Bluefin Labs, 807,603 total public Twitter and Facebook comments were posted about the All-Star Game. The event generated 27 different trending topics.

The All-Star Game marked the second straight night that MLB hit a social media home run. The Home Run Derby generated 804,337 Facebook and Twitter posts. Although Prince Fielder (who isn’t even on Twitter) won the event, Angels slugger Mark Trumbo took home the social media crown. Trumbo saw his following jump 73.9 percent in the hours before and after the event, gaining nearly 16,000 new followers.

Sign like a multimillionaire ballplayer

Inking a $98 million contract? There’s an app for that. Deron Williams made news late Tuesday night when he signed a five-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets -- on an iPad. Williams put his name to digital paper using the free iOS app SignNow.

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