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Team USA was sluggish early against Brazil on Monday night before taking command in the second half for an 80-69 victory in Washington, D.C. The biggest challenge of the night came when President Obama tried to steal a smooch from the First Lady via the Verizon Center's "Kiss Cam."

The Commander in Chief's first attempt failed. But the second time turned out to be the charm, and charmed the crowd (YouTube via Buzzfeed):

Team USA center Tyson Chandler called the game "our first real test." A sentiment repeated by others:

It isn't always easy to root against the opposition, especially when you're not playing:

Getting ready for the Olympics doesn't have to be difficult:

The Orlando Magic are facing a lot of second-guessing these days for the way they've handled the Dwight Howard situation. And now their coaching search is taking heat:

One Magic fan named Markee Randolph (@MagicMarkee) who said he works at Amway Arena shared some Twitter DMs purportedly sent by Dwight Howard during which the center voiced his displeasure with the Magic organization. (via Larry Brown Sports) Dwight Howard’s Twitter feed remains silent, as it’s been since April 20. The reaction on @MagicMarkee’s Twitter feed was mixed.

Competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut was up to the challenge on Fox's "Hell's Kitchen" Monday night. Chef Gordon Ramsay pitted Chestnut against two contestants from each team to collectively eat 60 Buffalo chicken wings before Chestnut could consume that many on his own. Four against one? No chance for the four, as Chestnut won the $500 prize.

Cleveland wide receiver Josh Cribbs probably hopes these new shoes will give him an extra step against the rest of the AFC North:

From JoshCribbs16 via Lockerz

Delonte West might need to work on his arm, as he tries a unique delivery during a recent celebrity game:

Monday, we told you about Ray Allen's full-page ad in the Boston Globe thanking Celtics fans. Not every Celtics fan was impressed. This "Missing" poster popped up on the city's streets (via imgur) and triggered a heated debate on Reddit.

Texas left fielder Josh Hamilton didn't have much time to grab a snack during Saturday's game against the Mariners, so he got a little pick-me-up from a fan who offered him some Twizzlers. Right in Hamilton's sweet spot:

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The Sunshine State? Not so much:

If you see any offbeat and fresh newsy links from your favorite sports site or catchy tweets that might be of interest to others, pass them along to me @billsperos or bsperos1@gmail.com.If you see any offbeat and fresh newsy links from your favorite sports site that might be of interest to others, pass them along to me @billsperos or bsperos1@gmail.com.