Skate docs headed for theatrical release

This year's two most highly anticipated skate documentaries are bound for theatrical release this fall.

Riding critical acclaim during industry screenings and prominent film festivals earlier this year, the filmmakers behind MegaRamp pioneer Danny Way's life story, "Waiting for Lightning," and Dogtown groundbreaker Stacy Peralta's "Bones Brigade: An Autobiography," have announced distribution deals that position their movies for mainstream audiences.

While "Waiting for Lightning" explores Way's broken-home upbringing and subsequent ascent into skateboarding, "Bones Brigade" is a group shot of skateboarding's most influential team of culture creators, including Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, and Steve Caballero, among others.

"We came out of Sundance with a number of offers from traditional distributors," Peralta told RedBull USA last month. "For many reasons, I wasn't interested in going the traditional route. One being that I want to remain in control of my film and another being that I want to take advantage of the new distribution opportunities opening up on the web."

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