Party Patrol: EA Sports kicks off draft week

Robert Griffin III was the life of the EA Sports party in New York City on Tuesday. Martin Schoeller for ESPN The Magazine

NEW YORK – The party patrol arrived to NFL draft week on a relatively quiet night; there wasn’t much going on outside of an EA Sports event in midtown Manhattan.

That was clear as the crowd grew beyond the expectations of EA’s people, who hosted the same party at the same venue last year and didn’t fill up the place.

They filled it up this year, though –- and to high-scoring results. Our report:

EA Sports NCAA Football 13 Draft Night Premiere

Why that title: There were gaming stations set up around the club where party guests could play an early version of “NCAA Football 13,” which won’t come out till July.

Where: A trendy midtown nightspot called Lavo, which was classy but a bit too small to handle the peak crowd.

Performers: To accommodate media interviews, the DJ kept the music at a low level. The PlayStation 3s, Xbox 360s and future NFL players were the entertainment.

Celebrities we saw: Mario Lopez and Erin Andrews hung out early in the night, as did a slew of first-round picks including Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson and Justin Blackmon. RG3, the cover boy of “NCAA Football 13,” mingled and conducted interviews all night.

Food and drink: Waiters and waitresses passed around hors d’oeuvres such as crab ravioli, chicken parmesan and shrimp cocktail. They came around so often that some people grew tired of turning them down. That’s what we call a good problem. Oh, and the drinks were complementary.

Swag: Nothing, unless you smuggled a PS3 controller under your shirt.

Scouting report: This one was definitely a first-rounder. Good crowd, drinks and food. If the biggest complaint is that it was a bit too crowded, well, stop complaining.