Jemele Hill: Wes Welker is pretty brave

It's strange, sad and fitting that Sherman Hemsley died the day after New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker admitted he recently underwent a hair-restoration procedure.

Hemsley, who died Tuesday at age 74, made bald dudes everywhere feel cool because of his iconic portrayal of television character George Jefferson, the strutting, confident businessman who was one of the original founders of (mostly) hairless swag.

As Jefferson looks down on us from that deluxe apartment in the heavenly skies, surely he would have been proud that Welker was secure enough to reveal that he needed help with his thinning landscape.

According to the Boston Globe, Welker had a five-hour hair procedure done after his wedding in Aspen, Colo. Dr. Robert Leonard, the popular, Rhode Island-based hair transplant surgeon who performed the procedure, described Welker as the perfect patient.

"Wes is extraordinarily gentlemanly," Leonard told the Globe.

But maybe the better word to describe Welker is brave.

No matter how tough or skilled an athlete is, many of them are just as insecure about their appearance as the rest of us. And it can't be easy to publicly disclose a physical limitation that has nothing to do with on-field performance.

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