Olympics Trending: First Lady, Rule 40

Team USA defeated France in its men's basketball Olympic opener 98-71 and got kudos from 1992 Dream Teamer David Robinson (above). Kobe Bryant offered his postgame assessment on Facebook, writing: "We did commit too many fouls the first quarter which slowed the game down. Once we got use to the officiating we were able to play foul free and speed France up. We are at our best in transition." Bryant posted a photo of the American flag hanging in his room, writing the flag "reminds me of the men and woman who serve our country and all of the sacrifices they and their families make and have made to ensure the freedoms we enjoy."

After the game, each Team USA member and coach got a congratulatory hug from the first fan in attendance. And at least one player's wife was not the least bit jealous:

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Team USA members have over 32.16 million Facebook followers combined and, according to NBC/Facebook, LeBron James has added nearly 600,000 Facebook followers in the past week, while Bryant has added more than 78,000. Deron Williams caught teammates Chris Paul and James Harden in a victorious pose after the win:

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When you hit 99 out of 100 targets, win the gold in women's skeet shooting and become the first American ever to medal in five consecutive Olympiads, picking up 1,000 or so followers on Twitter might feel like an afterthought. But Kim Rhode (@KimRhode) was still overwhelmed:

Time for some controversy. What would the Olympics be without it?

The line between professionalism, amateurism and profit during the Olympics has been blurred for decades. Rule 40 -- which states that Olympic competitors cannot be featured in advertising during the Games unless authorized by the International Olympic Committee -- came under fire by many athletes Sunday and Monday, making #Rule40 a trending topic on Twitter. The rule protects Olympic sponsors that pay fees to the IOC from potential "ambush marketing" campaigns and from athletes promoting products on their own.

Many echoed the sentiments of Dawn Harper (above), who won the gold medal in the 100-meter hurdles in Beijing in 2008:

Back to fun and Games.

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Swimmer Dana Vollmer (seen above via Pinterest) captured gold for the United States and set a world record in the 100-meter butterfly with her time of 55.98 seconds.

Her fellow American Olympians were watching, or were they?

The emotions continued long after her victory:

Michael Phelps got this bit of inspiration before he and the rest of the American 4x100 relay team (including Ryan Lochte, Cullen Jones and Nathan Adrian) swam for a silver medal, losing to France on Lochte's final leg:

Americans Abby Johnston and Kelci Bryant, who is now retired from the sport, made barely a splash in capturing silver medals in synchronized diving. They also have a unique hobby:

Tastes like chicken, or maybe (rubber) duck:

Of course, no one got to London on his or her own, as U.S. diving coach Wenbo Chen's daughter noted:

U.S. soccer goalie Hope Solo emerged unscathed following her tweet bombs directed at Brandi Chastain.

Monday she has something to celebrate no matter what happens on the field:

Sadly, not all Olympic dreams come true, but this American gymnast still has plenty of competition ahead:

For closers, we catch David Beckham and his son, Brooklyn, at Wembley Stadium watching Great Britain's 3-1 soccer victory over the United Arab Emirates.

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