Emmitt Smith talks 'Dancing,' Dez, Twitter

Emmitt Smith, the NFL's all-time leading rusher, retired in 2005 and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010.

But by no means is he slowing down.

"I'm just trying to make a living, trying to raise a family, trying to keep my kids healthy and trying to stay healthy myself," Smith said. "I'm also looking at all these business opportunities. I'm trying my best to meet the demands of others. It's not as complicated as I make it out to be. It is a lot that goes into each day. I cannot speak for anyone. I don't know their demands. But things I'm trying to accomplish is a challenge."

And now, throw in taking part in this fall's "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars" on ABC. As past champ in 2006, Smith is considered one of the favorites for the show that starts in September. Granted, there are other past champions such as Apolo Ohno and Helio Castroneves on the show, too.

Playbook talked with Smith, 43, for a few minutes about the show, the Dallas Cowboys and social media.

Tell me about joining "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars." Seems like some stiff competition.

"It is like a family reunion. I'm a little nervous about it. Look at the names on the list. You see a bunch of great performers, some in the entertainment world and some in the sports world. I said, 'Emmitt, you have your work cut out! Did I make the right decision. Lord have mercy!' At the end of the day, I truly feel like I'm part of this big family. It's a great show. People of all generations have a chance to watch and get behind a contestant. I'm thrilled to be a part of it."

I see you've stayed in shape by playing golf. Are you any good?

"If you asked me two weeks ago in Tahoe, I sucked. If you asked me last week, I'd say I did pretty good. I shot an 80 on a course I had never seen, and I even had three birdies. I don't play a lot of golf every day. I'm a guy who goes out once a week or every two weeks. It depends on how busy I am. I have a real estate development company and a construction company, speaking engagements, endorsement deals, and let alone my kids' activities. I have five kids. And I realize that I have only 24 hours in a day. I do have to put my head down on a pillow at some point."

You are one of the greats for the Dallas Cowboys and are still part of their family. What do you make of the drama involving wide receiver Dez Bryant?

"Drama is part of life. At the end of the day, the whole country is about speculation. We're all subject to fail. But when it comes to an athlete or someone in the public eye, failure is magnified 20 to 30 times. The rest of the people can fail in anonymity. I'm not saying it's easy. It's just part of who we are. It's something that athletes and public figures have to deal with."

You are always opinionated but you haven't done much TV broadcasting in years. Do you miss it?

"I don't miss broadcasting. I do miss talking about key subjects. Like when they have someone go on the air to talk about kids getting paid at the NCAA level. I miss that kind of conversation. Or I miss when people talk about head trauma. I think my opinion matters. There is only so many stats I can give you. Look at the film yourself. Look at the clips of the athlete running his mouth too much. You don't need me to tell you that."

And I guess that's what social media is for? You can express yourself there?

"That is where Twitter comes into play. It's a good outlet to bring a different perspective and shed light on an issue. But you do have some who go on there to state their own opinion and try to stir the pot behind some name on the account. It messes with you a little. I've had a couple of guys who I just told, 'Don't follow me then.' You don't like my opinion, then unfollow me. It's easy to do. Go somewhere else. That's your prerogative. You have the freedom to do that. Unfortunately, I don't tweet near enough on the big subjects."