Kings' Kevin Westgarth in Disney's 'Code: 9'

Los Angeles Kings' Kevin Westgarth guests stars in a new series on Disney Channel, "Code: 9." Courtesy of Disney Channel

Los Angeles Kings forward Kevin Westgarth takes part in the prank on tonight's new episode of Disney Channel's "Code: 9" at 9 p.m.

In the segment called "Hockey Havoc," a fan flies his remote control blimp at the Valley Winter Sports League. He didn't know his wife and the children have sabotaged the blimp, and the blimp crashes into some memorabilia Westgarth has brought to be auctioned off.

Westgarth, who is in on the prank, walks out, making the fan feel terrible.

"It was pretty fun to mess with the kid's parents and at the end of the day had a great time and glad they enjoyed themselves," Westgarth said. "I was definitely out of character, snapping and getting angry at the disaster. I'm a pretty laid back guy."

Westgarth, who has played for the Kings for five years, said the Hollywood lifestyle isn't necessary for him.

"It cool being part of this and seeing how they do it," he said. "But I don't know if I'd want to do this every day!"