Ex-athlete Russell Hornsby talks 'Grimm'

Russell Hornsby, who was a three-sport athlete at St. Mary's College High School in California, is back Monday night for the second season of NBC's "Grimm," a fantasy police drama.

Hornsby plays Hank Griffin, the best friend of the main character, Nick Burkhardt, who finds out that there might be something supernatural about his friend.

"At the end of last season, I was a little off-kilter when I started seeing some things," Hornsby said. "Let's just say I might be mentally unstable. This season starts with whether I can stay on the police force. I'm a little shook up and out of balance. That's where I start my journey."

For Hornsby, his real journey began on a whim, auditioning for a role in the "Wiz" in high school. He was hooked. He studied theater at Boston University and traveled the world acting.

"I definitely found my calling. I've been doing this for more than half my life," said Hornsby, 38. "I approach my work still like an athlete. I have to go to the gym and run or ride the bike and work up a sweat. I need to still get my body right, and, in turn, that will make my mind right. That's how I approach acting."