Trending: Chipper Jones' big bobble night

From blakecanterbury via Instagram

The 20,000 Chipper Jones bobblehead dolls the Atlanta Braves distributed before Thursday night's game may have possessed magical powers.

The future Hall of Famer belted two home runs during Atlanta's 6-0 victory over San Diego and now has 12 on the season.

The second home run was historic on several fronts:

Jones is calling it quits after this season, but might want to reconsider given the fact that he's among the top 10 third basemen in the majors in slugging, OBP and average.

After the game, Jones took to Twitter. Although this Tweet could have been sent by the bobblehead:

Maybe this translation might help. "Meds" would be Atlanta starting pitcher Kris Medlen (4-1) -- the Braves won their 15th straight that he has started. "Jheys" - Jason Heyward - also went deep for the Braves. Finally, "JSoft" is shortstop Paul Janish, who in addition to "throwin that leather" also drove in pair of runs with a single.

Not all bobblehead giveaways inspire such cheer. Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson -- never a big fan of the spotlight -- was not impressed with the Dodgers' commemorative giveaway earlier this month. "I think it’s totally ridiculous … It’s not my style, to be honest with you," he told the Los Angeles Times. Gibson begrudgingly tipped his hat to appreciative Dodgers fans. The night wasn't a total loss for the bobblehead honoree, as Gibson's Diamondbacks won that game 8-2.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers have recovered nicely from whatever blowback they received from Gibson's bobblehead with their current #Fernandomania promotion.

The Dodgers have been giving away Fernando Valenzuela bobbleheads -- which are placed at various locations across Southern California -- to select followers of their @Dodgers Twitter account. The winners have to tweet photos of themselves with the bobblehead at its select location. Thursday, above, Fernando was hanging out in East L.A.

He was found in a matter of minutes:

The search frustrated one Dodgers fan, the author of "GreenEggsandLam," Samuel Y. Lam (@SamuelYLam), who wrote that he missed out on finding Fernando, who was hiding in plain sight just 10 minutes away from his home, because he had recently moved to L.A., didn't know his own neighborhood and was unable to successfully Google Fernando's location. "I finally found out that I live 10 minutes from it. And because I am really dumb, I drove there, took a wrong turn and by the time I showed up, I was three minutes late. And since it’s a high traffic area, it was even tougher."

Try again Saturday.

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