Trending: Ronda Rousey continues to shine

Ronda Rousey makes Sarah Kaufman submit in 54 seconds on Saturday night in a Strikeforce match. Peggy Sirota for ESPN The Magazine

Minute Rice has nothing on Ronda Rousey, who continued to dominate the world of women's MMA with a 54-second defeat of Sarah Kaufman via -- again -- her infamous "armbar."

Rousey's latest victory got her an invitation, of sorts, from a UFC titan. No, it wasn't Dana White.

Fans are hungry for Rousey to face tougher competition.

Rousey, who fights for Strikeforce in the 135-pound class, appeared fully exposed in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue this year and has lived up to the hype and gained substantial notoriety despite her limited exposure on pay-cable. She's 6-0 and won with blinding speed Saturday. She then saw fit to attack the "Showtime" cameras and call out "disgraced” 145-pound champion Cris "Cyborg" Santos, who is serving a yearlong suspension after testing positive for a banned steroid after a subsequently overturned December victory over Hiroko Yamanaka.

And there's a lot more to the armbar than just the simple armbar:

From rondarousey via Instagram

That's gotta hurt.

Then there's the whole issue of moving up in weight class. She won bronze medal in judo during the 2008 Beijing Games:

Whether Rousey can provide enough star power and firepower across various classes to propel women's MMA into another galaxy -- UFC perhaps -- remains to be seen. @RondaRousey has more than 108,000 followers on Twitter, but comes nowhere close to other notable female athletes, including Missy Franklin (380,000-plus), Danica Patrick (637,000-plus) and Serena Williams (3 million-plus). She'll no doubt be gaining more in the coming weeks, especially thanks to tweets like this:

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