Trending: Diana Nyad celebrates birthday

Diana Nyad celebrates her 63rd birthday today -- with "no regrets" following her fourth failed attempted swim across the Straits of Florida.

Perhaps her biggest wish this year: "No more jellyfish."

Nyad's latest effort from Cuba to Key West ended early Tuesday after more than 41 hours of swim time when the legendary endurance swimmer was pulled from the water following multiple jellyfish stings and the threat of more bad weather. Nyad, who covered more distance before ending her "Xtreme Dream" swim in 2012 than she did during her first Cuba-Florida attempt in 1978, finished with a 200-yard swim to the shore in Key West.

In appearances on "Good Morning America" and "The Today Show," Nyad said she was able to overcome several obstacles during her swim -- including "hellacious" thunderstorms, the Gulf Stream current, weather, sharks, exhaustion and hypothermia.

"I'd go to my grave still trying. It's not about all that stuff," she told "The Today Show." "It's about the jellyfish. And I just don't know what to do. I did the most intelligent moves I could...wore pantyhose over my face and was still stung so badly on the lips I went into the heart and lungs being taken down and shivers all over. I had nine stings the first night."

She echoed similar sentiments on GMA:

One of the highlights of this journey -- many of which were captured on Nyad's blog and this photo gallery -- was a video posted on YouTube featuring a pod of companions that joined her:

There was worldwide concern and support during her team effort:

And while there was some agony in defeat, she still earned praise across Twitter:

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