Q&A: Kevin Durant talks 'Thunderstruck'

DALLAS -- Tired?

Why would Kevin Durant be tired?

So what if he had to rush from the NBA Finals to Team USA training camp in Las Vegas less than two weeks later and then start promoting his new movie almost immediately after returning from a month in Europe that culminated with a gold-medal game even closer than the United States feared it would be?

"I'm 23," Durant said Tuesday at a news conference in Dallas in advance of Friday's regional release of "Thunderstruck."

"I can handle a lot. This Is what I signed up for. ... It's a good problem to have."

Sitting between his mother, Wanda Pratt, and veteran actor Jim Belushi -- both of them co-stars in the new Warner Bros. release -- Durant spoke excitedly about his attempts to make Oklahoma City "more and more Hollywood" after much of the filming was done in OKC, which was also the site of Sunday's premiere.

And before the news conference, Durant sat down with ESPN.com for a few minutes of one-on-one to discuss a variety of pertinent topics:

Q: Everyone seems to be impressed with your acting skills. Sounds like you did pretty well for a first-timer.

A: Yeah, I did all right. I was having fun with it. It was different for me. I'm just so used to playing basketball. But it was cool.

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