Trending: Birthdays today for Bryant, Lin

Birthday candles might be a little scarce these days. August has seen a big run on notable athlete birthdays -- both young and old -- as Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, Ryan Lochte, Carl Yastrzemski, Jeff Gordon and Roger Federer have all blown various amounts of candles in the past few weeks.

Thursday, NBA fans celebrate a doubleheader of sorts -- with Kobe Bryant (34) and Jeremy Lin (24) each having their cake and eating it, too.

Fans have to be wondering what Bryant would wish for on his birthday -- besides that sixth ring.

Bryant will have to wait until next June -- at the earliest -- for that one.

This summer, he already has gotten another gold medal, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash.

What's left? Maybe Phil Jackson?

The NBA offered a quick look at some highlights from his Year 33:

Kobe hasn't stopped since London, scoring 68 points in 15 minutes during an exhibition game in China:

Until Wednesday, that is. Bryant posted the following message on his Facebook page:

From Kobe Bryant via Facebook

"It's been a long yet short summer. I'm gonna try to enjoy what's left of it as much as possible. My oldest wants to learn how to surf so it looks like the beach it is for me. Don't worry Lakerland, I'm not hopping on a board any time soon -- just supervising :-) I'm going to enjoy this time of rest as much as possible while still focusing on not losing what I've gained from all of my training thus far. Here's my late night work session pic with my partner in crime, Cesar. He's a Sable German Shepherd from Germany. It's good to have my training partner back, LOL - Holla at you soon..Mamba out."

No word on birthday plans.

Any other suggestions on birthday gifts?


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