Mike, Bob Bryan: Best twins ever in sports

Bob Bryan on his twin brother: "When I got married, Mike and I had to get divorced." AP Photo/Elise Amendola

It's not even close.

The Bryans -- Mike and Bob -- are the best twins in sports history.

On Friday afternoon, the Bryans won the men's doubles title at the U.S. Open, after winning the men's doubles gold medal at the London Olympics.

The 34-year-olds, who grew up in Southern California, have been the world's best doubles players for more than five years, having won more than 75 tour titles.

"That's thrilling that you consider us the best twins in sports history," said Mike Bryan, who is older by two minutes. "We just think of ourselves as brothers. But it's pretty humbling when you think we're one of the greatest."

Bob Bryan, who is married and lives with his family in Florida, said he and Mike are closer than one can imagine.

"We're tight. We have that special [bond] that no one can break," Bob Bryan said. "Even our significant others get jealous of how close we are. When I got married, Mike and I had to get divorced."

Bob is hoping to convince Mike and his girlfriend to move to Miami.

"We're going to ask him to be on the East Coast near me," Bob Bryan said. "We like sharing our moments together."

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