'New Girl' star Max Greenfield on workouts

Max Greenfield cannot tell a lie.

The actor -- you see him on FOX’s hit show “New Girl” as the shirtless Schmidt -- linked up with Zevia, an all-natural soda who launched a new campaign against “Artificiality,” and took over their Twitter account. The condition? He could only tweet out honest musings.

Ditto on his ESPN interview.

Greenfield waved goodbye to the typical Hollywood pretense -- being diplomatic in his responses and all that good stuff that actors gets trained to do -- and kept it all the way real.

Turns out, it wasn’t as difficult as he thought it might be.

Known for being incredibly toned, Greenfield, in character, released a workout video that went viral just days ago, and we’re still laughing. Playbook chats with Greenfield in the middle of the campaign and he gave us nothing but the truth.

Have you ever told a lie?

"I think I probably have at some point. But I find that they’re very difficult. In my latter years I’ve decided that there’s too much to keep track of when you go into the lying game. That becomes stressful and it’s not for me anymore."

Your workout video it’s pretty hilarious; truthfully speaking, do you normally work out in bike shorts?

"I just got those. They were awesome; those were like the Dwight Howard Adidas ones. I have a pair of those long skins that are not so much the shorts, they’re like the long type. I wear a pair of, like, running shorts over them."

Every actor in L.A. says they’re a big Lakers fan. They all get converted, no matter where they’re from. Yourself?

"I mean … Metta."

So do you think Metta World Peace deserved the punishment for the elbow to James Harden?

"I think he deserved it. It was not good. I love him as a player, I love him as a personality. But I watched and re-watched, because when you first saw it you thought, ‘Oh that wasn’t intentional …’ But … Ron lost it for a second. I’m rooting for him to get back in the game because when he’s not playing for the Lakers it’s not as fun to watch."

You and Metta both have a impressive pair of gun. What’s your workout?

"I do Crossfit a lot; I’ve been doing it for about two years."

Are you a good eater or do you sneak naughty stuff and lie and say you don’t?

"I go back and forth. I have to take my shirt off so much on the show. I go in spurts. If I have to be totally naked on the show, I will eat extremely cleanly and then at some point after the season’s over, I’ll just break down and eat like a maniac. Haven’t found that middle ground yet."

Do you have a victory dance for when you nail a scene?

"The Dougie."

What would make you hit the Dougie?

"What wouldn’t? I get into a little parking space and I do the Dougie."