Trending: Guillen, Howard back on Twitter

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen has returned to Twitter. Time to follow him again. Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

The Twitterverse has just gotten a bit more interesting.

Two of Twitterdom's most active sports voices fell silent in the spring because of self-imposed exile. Now Ozzie Guillen and Dwight Howard are back and fully engaged.

Guillen made his return to Twitter on Tuesday night after an absence of 110 days.

Guillen had enough for the night one tweet later. Losing 8-4 to the Milwaukee Brewers probably didn't help:

He was back at it Wednesday and was up early to offer kudos to Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers and Felix Hernandez of the Mariners, named player and pitcher of the month, respectively, in the American League:

Dwight Howard returned to Twitter last week after a four-month void and has had no trouble returning to form. Tuesday, a day after posting a photo of himself with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Howard shared the couch with another star of sorts. Stan Van Gundy was never this cute and cuddly.

Gullien's exit in May was equally abrupt as his return:

"Yeah, I hate Twitter," Guillen said later that day. "Everybody following me can (expletive) his pants. You can quote me on that one. … Don't follow me anymore. Twitter is a stupid thing. I never make money out of that. When you speak Spanish, you speak Spanish. When you speak English, you don't know how to spell 'English.' Get a real job, get a life. I don't make money out of that. I'm done."

Guillen's blog has been silent since a "Welcome to the second half" entry on July 11. He wrote: "Well, we are here at the halfway point and obviously not where we want to be. We have suffered through some tough losses in the first half ... I just hope we come out of the gates clicking and make a run at this thing." At that time the Marlins were 40-44. Tuesday's loss dropped Miami to 60-76.

Guillen isn't afraid to speak his mind and doesn't seem to concern himself with any pretense of "political correctness." His lack of success with the Marlins this season was overshadowed at times by his more entertaining and controversial statements -- on and off Twitter. His remarks about Fidel Castro in Time magazine resulted in a five-game suspension in April.

Guillen knows candor can be a good or bad thing -- and knowing Spanish doesn't hurt when following Guillen, whose Twitter audience is more than 250,000. That number should certainly increase as he re-acclimates himself to his smartphone.

For Guillen quotes of note, check out this "Things Ozzie Guillen Says" tumblr blog.

Welcome back, Ozzie.

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