Pete Rose on anger issues of WWE's Kane

WWE superstar Kane has been forced into anger management therapy and confessed about his "obsession with torturing Pete Rose."

So WWE chased down Rose to talk with the all-time hits leader about the Big Red Machine.

WWE.com: Based on your multiple run-ins with Kane, Do you feel he is too angry for anger management?

Pete Rose: I don’t think Kane needs to be less angry. I think Kane needs to funnel his anger correctly and focus it only on his WWE opponents and not tag team partners, announcers and especially celebrity guests.

WWE.com: After all the punishment and embarrassment you have suffered at the hands of Kane, are you still hoping for retribution or will you just steer clear of him?

Rose: I have to figure out a way to get even with Kane but I don’t know how to do it. He’s too big for me and I’m too slow now. I would need to use my Mizuno baseball bat and it would have to be made legal for our match. Even then, I’m still not sure it would be enough to beat that monster.

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