NFL players show frustration with officials

Denver quarterback Peyton Manning threw three interceptions in Monday night's 27-21 loss at Atlanta. But it was the performance of the replacement NFL officials that drew the most ire on Twitter. The officials lost control of the game early and often. The chaos was highlighted by a six-minute delay in the hour-long first quarter after a fumble by Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno.

During that fracas, players ran onto the field, shoved each other and put their hands on officials. Atlanta's Ray Edwards was caught on camera throwing punches and was the only player penalized -- drawing a "dead-ball personal foul" on "No. 93, red."

The criticism was wide and deep -- coming from all venues. Charlie Daniels opened ESPN's telecast with a revised version of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia." He might want to pen some new lyrics featuring replacement officials.

The legendary fiddler summed up the attitudes of millions watching:

NBA players took their best shots:

The NHL lockout left its players with time on their hands. Some tuned in to watch Manning, Matt Ryan or maybe their second-string fantasy team receivers, but at least two were moved to call penalties of their own:

One NFL player tried to offer the officials some limited support:

That plea may have fallen on deaf Twitter feeds, at least among these former players turned analysts:

Everybody was a comedian:

In was only a matter of time. "Foot Locker" jokes were in abundance.

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