J.R. Smith talks shoe line, Scooby-Doo tat

Smith (right) was in Brooklyn last week to bowl for Forbes' diabetes charity. Charles Norfleet/Getty Images

Knicks guard J.R. Smith bypassed the shoe rental counter when he showed up at Brooklyn Bowl last week for Rockets guard Gary Forbes’ Strike Out Diabetes Bowling Extravaganza, rolling a few balls down the lane while wearing sparkling white LeBrons. But shoes — and tats — were on his mind when asked about his summer vacation.

“I went to a couple Fashion Week events, and I’m really trying to start my fashion thing,” he says. “I'm a huge fan of shoes, so I think I'll start with shoes for guys my size who can't get the good size 14s and 15s. The style will be edgy but elegant at the same time.

"They’re gonna look a certain way, but when you put them on, they're gonna feel differently. I'm a big fan of the Jordan line, but I want to do the Jordan dressier side, like Jordan meets Louis Vuitton. My target audience will be guys with big feet who can't find nice shoes.”

During the offseason, Smith also put in work on another ongoing passion of his: getting inked up.

He started the outline of Scooby-Doo on his left calf last summer, but recently got color filled in on the design, which is about three to four inches tall and has lots of company.

“I’ve got the Flintstones, Hey Arnold, Curious George, Dora, Smurfs, Ninja Turtles, Stewie, George Jetson and Mickey Mouse on there,” says Smith — and he didn't even name them all.

“They’re all cartoons that I watched when I was growing up, and that my daughters watch. Adding Scooby-Doo makes a grand total of 'one' tattoo — they're all connected."

Is he done? What do you think?

"I've got to get started on my thighs. I don’t know what I'm going to get next, I'll think of it when I get to the tattoo shop.”