Trending: Spoofs of football fight songs

It's Friday during college football season, so we don't expect too much work to be done today. Here are five videos to completely distract you from whatever tasks you were trying to complete on this week's “to-do” list.

The NOC has been running series of "Opera College Fight Songs" videos this season. Opera singer Rebecca Davis has brought her beautiful and brilliant voice to some notable collegiate rallying cries. Thursday, she added Ohio State's "Buckeye Battle Cry" and "War Eagle" from Auburn to her repertoire:

"Give 'em hell, give 'em hell; stand up and yell, Hey! War ... Eagle win for Auburn" never sounded quite that elegant.

How can the "Men of the Scarlet and Gray" not be inspired?

In the interest of equal time, we'll offer her take on Michigan's "Hail to the Victors":

And her rendition of "Yea Alabama" comes complete with a piano accompaniment by Nicholas Stubblefield. In this modified version, the "Wolverines" replace the "Yellow Jackets" and are sent "to a watery grave." Alabama deep-sixed the Wolverines in the 2012 season-opener 41-14.

Thus far, the other schools given the gift Davis' voice adding a measure of grace to their fight songs are Oregon and USC.

On the other side of the college football-culture spectrum, check out these four horsing-around-men from Louisiana Tech, who each can say he is "Sexy and I Know It." This video version of the LMFAO hit was tweeted by the Louisiana Tech assistant media director Patrick Walsh this week, posted on several sports sites (h/t "Kegs and Eggs") and featured on ESPN's "College Football Live" Thursday. The offensive lineman putting on the moves are Josh Parrish (73), Jordan Mills (78), Stephen Warner (63) and Matthew Shepperd (66). Warner was Thursday named a senior CLASS award candidate. Stay classy, my friends. Louisiana Tech visits Illinois this week.

Now it's time to get back to work, or maybe play.

If you're looking to burn off some extra calories following all of this inactivity, the P90X app for the iPhone is being offered on a free-trial basis for a limited time to first-time users so they can get a taste of the program. Founder Tony Horton told Playbook via email that interest in the exercise program has grown since Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), a noted P90X user, got the Republican vice presidential nomination. "Ryan's praise for P90X comes from his pure enthusiasm for a program that delivered on its promise," Horton wrote, noting that Michelle Obama has also used it. While Ryan recently admitted that he misstated his best marathon time by more than an hour, Horton said Ryan's P90X results are legit. "As a former trainer, he has great body awareness, so he's very capable of pushing himself without getting injured," Horton wrote. "He trains hard, doesn't miss workouts and eats right. That simple formula is the reason why he got results with P90X."

And Horton offers this warning about America's overall health. "We are in serious trouble. Our state of wellness is at an all-time low. The rise of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes is a national disgrace. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight or obese," he wrote. "It's no surprise to me that American productivity, ingenuity, creativity and standard of living are on the decline ... If we don't begin to turn things around, our waistlines and health care system will burst at the seams."

Now, get back to work.

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