Kellan Lutz talks on extreme skateboarding

These days Kellan Lutz is using his dog, Kola, as the engine to help his skateboard. Courtesy of Kellan Lutz

NEW YORK -- Kellan Lutz performs some daredevil stunts as vampire Emmett Cullen in the "Twilight" movie series.

But that's nothing compared to growing up in Iowa and attaching a lawnmower engine to a skateboard.

Lutz, 27, calls it "extreme skateboarding."

"This is pre-'Jackass' days. I just loved going fast. So I started out with Alka-Seltzer and soda water in a bottle and attached it to the skateboard. That didn't do much," Lutz said. "I would try a leaf blower. I was searching for anything that would go fast. Then, the lawnmower engine."

It was all such a rush, Lutz said.

"I lived in a tiny Midwest town, so I was always looking for adventure," said Lutz, who still loves skateboarding today. "I just embrace it all."

That's why Lutz is in such demand these days.

Lutz moved to California to study chemical engineering -- no surprise there -- at Chapman University but decided to pursue acting. He appeared on several TV shows before landing the role of Emmett Cullen in the "Twilight" series, with its latest and last installment, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2," hitting theaters in November.

Lutz's character was mauled by a black bear and given a second chance at life after being turned into a vampire.

Lutz joked that while filming the movie he was contracted not to do anything extreme.

"And extreme to them meant running. I won't hurt myself, I thought," Lutz said. "I've never broken a bone in my body. I'm very capable of getting around!"

Playbook did a rapid-fire interview with Lutz, who was in New York recently to celebrate the launch of Stride Gum's new line for kids called iD Gum.

You have another movie, Java Heat, read to launch. How physical was that movie about terrorism?

"I loved it. I got very physical for that role. I was doing some of my own stunts. It was quite demanding."

All this talk in the press is about the on-and-off-and-on-again relationship of "Twilight" costars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. What has been your response when people bring it up?

"Ask them. You've got to talk to them. I don't know anything. It's not that hard for me say that. I honestly have no comment on that situation because I'm not there. Just go ask them."

You've been pretty good about staying out of the paparazzi's radar with your girlfriend, Sharni Vinson. How?

"I was never a wild guy. That's the thing. If you live in New York, and you have friends who have parties, you have to show up. But you won't see pictures of me intoxicated or anything. I sip on cocktails, whiskey and beers. But I never really party hard. You need to live your own life and stop trying to live the industry life."