30 for 30 short film: 'Arnold's Blueprint'

30 for 30 Shorts: Arnold's Blueprint (12:23)

Schwarzenegger's military service played a critical role in his fame. (12:23)

30 for 30 Shorts is a collaboration between ESPN Films and Grantland.com. Each short film represents the specific point of view of a filmmaker.

The first short, "Arnold's Blueprint," premieres today.

"Arnold's Blueprint" focuses on Arnold Schwarzenegger's teenage years in the Austrian Army and is directed by Michael and Jeff Zimbalist, who previously directed the 30 for 30 film "The Two Escobars." This 10-minute film focuses on the years before he was the "Universe's Perfect Specimen," when a young Schwarzenegger seized upon an opportunity to use the sport of bodybuilding to catapult himself to international stardom.