Six other trophies dropped and/or broken

By now you might have heard: In Alabama, "BCS" stands for "Broken Championship Souvenir," after Saturday's unfortunate incident involving The Coaches' Trophy, a player's father's foot and a rug that apparently did not tie the room together.

Naturally, though, this isn't the first trophy-related mishap in sports. Here's a roundup of some other dropped and/or broken items -- be they the fault of the athletes, or simply bad and hilarious luck:

Spanish Cup dropped, run over by bus

After Real Madrid won 2011's Spanish Cup, player Sergio Ramos was standing atop the team bus and proudly showing the trophy to parade-goers ... until he dropped the thing ... and, well, the title of this section pretty much gives it away:

Pretty much the same thing happens in Holland

... only replace Real Madrid with Ajax, Sergio Ramos with Maarten Stekelenburg and the fact the trophy -- in this case a plate -- rolled away from the buses and happily to safety.

Hockey trophy iced on ice

The Spokane Chiefs, a major junior team, won the Canadian Hockey League's Memorial Cup in 2008 ... only to have the thing break during the postgame celebration.

Chris Chelios and the Norris Trophy

The award for best defenseman came apart in the former NHL star's hands -- during the awards ceremony -- and the guy didn't miss a beat.

Billy Donovan drops 'National Championship Trophy'

Fact: The Florida Gators basketball coach dropped this item during the team's 2006 midnight madness. Also fact: It was a fake. Or was it just an instantly concocted cover-up scheme?

Pete Weber drops bowling trophy while TV credits roll

Remember this guy? Long before going overboard with his celebrations, Weber was quite reserved ... and it did him no good at all. We'll just let you watch this clip full of comedy gold. If gold could shatter, that is.