Patrick Sharp talks hockey, Chicago honor

I start: "Patrick, we're going to get to the NHL lockout and your exercise program with Gillette, but let's talk about you being one of the '50 Most Beautiful Chicagoans.' "

"I was hoping no one was going to ask me about that!" said Sharp, who is an alternate captain on the Blackhawks and was honored by Chicago Magazine last year. "I'm a little embarrassed by it. It's tough to talk about. It's a perk of winning the Stanley Cup. I guess I'm more noticeable around town."

Especially these days with the labor strife in the NHL.

"I'm missing hockey quite a bit actually," said Sharp, who has been playing pro hockey for 14 years. "I'm still training, getting ready for the season. But that means I can take advantage of the extra time to stay home with my wife and baby."

And Sharp can work with Gillette on the “My City is My Gym” campaign, encouraging men to take their exercise routines outdoors. Gillette is partnering with three hometown pro athletes to create pop-up outdoor “My City is My Gym” fitness sites across the country.

Dhani Jones will represent New York on Oct. 18 and Jerry Rice will represent San Francisco Nov. 8, both challenging locals to expand their fitness regimes outdoors.

"Having people be more physically fit was an easy decision for me to join," Sharp said. "I'm just here to lend my time and get involved."

And Sharp is hoping the lockout in the NHL ends soon.

"I'm an optimist. I think the guys will come together for a resolution," said Sharp, who was born in Canada but has played mostly in the United States. "I want to play for Chicago and I want to play in the NHL. If I can't, I'll have to look at other options. Playing overseas is definitely one of them. We all miss hockey. Let's get going."