'The Mindy Project' parties with NBA stars

Amar'e and Danny Granger kick it in VIP with Mindy Kaling, who Granger calls "the funniest basketball groupie ever." Courtesy of Fox

On Monday, fans of "The Mindy Project" rejoiced with the news that the sitcom starring Mindy Kaling received a full-season commitment from Fox.

Tonight, NBA fans -- or at least the Knicks and Pacers faithful -- will have reason to cheer: In the episode titled “In The Club,” Mindy and her office mates hit up a nightspot where she’s courted by a lawyer for the Knicks (guest star Tommy Dewey) and crashes a VIP section populated by Knicks big man Amar’e Stoudemire, Pacers forward Danny Granger and point guard Baron Davis, who’s apparently cool enough to kick it while rehabbing a busted knee.

“Mindy’s definitely the funniest basketball groupie ever,” kids Granger, who filmed his scene back in August while in Los Angeles for the offseason.

And while the small forward is admittedly a thespian scrub, he’d like to point out that he has quite a bit of acting experience -- when it comes to the club, anyway.

“I’m a fake drinker,” he says. “What I normally do in clubs is I trick people by ordering straight orange juice. That way, everybody thinks I’ve got a drink in my hand and I can have a good time without feeling like I’m going to die from a hangover in the morning.”

Elsewhere at the nexus of sports and entertainment ...


"A Father’s Dream: The Making of DeSean Jackson," a documentary that follows the Eagles playmaker from his Pop Warner days to his current NFL gig, has found itself a distributor and is awaiting a release plan. (Details are being kept under wraps.) The film, which premiered in June at the American Black Film Festival, was once titled "The Making of a First Rounder: The DeSean Jackson Story" -- "but then I slipped into the second round,” Jackson explains with a hint of annoyance. DeSean's older brother Byron Jackson co-directed the film. “He knows things about me that nobody knows," says DeSean, "like how I wake up with stinky breath in the morning.”


Opening Friday: Columbia Pictures’ "Here Comes the Boom." Noted MMA enthusiast Kevin James plays Scott Voss, a biology teacher who takes to the octagon to save his financially strapped high school. The comedy features fighters Bas Rutten, Krzysztof Soszynski and Jason "Mayhem" Miller and was made with the blessing and branding of UFC -- because when the guy who gave us "The Zookeeper" and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop" wants to help your fight league reach family audiences, you say: “Yeah, sure -- but can we do it with someone other than the guy who gave us 'The Zookeeper' and 'Paul Blart: Mall Cop'?”


On the "30 Rock" episode airing Thursday, Oct. 18, Jack (Alec Baldwin) tests an unconventional dating technique -- that’s pretty much all an NBC rep would share -- and, at some point, trades lines with Olympian Ryan Lochte. Back in September, star Tina Fey told E! that the fun-loving swimmer would be playing a “sex idiot. He was good at it.”