Trending: All about Texans' J.J. Watt

Kilowatts. Megawatts. 1.21 gigawatts.

Defensive end J.J. Watt seems to have the ability to generate all that power and more for the undefeated Houston Texans this season.

A YouTube video featuring a then 285-pound Watt completing a 55-inch standing box jump re-surfaced on reddit Wednesday. Too bad Mark Sanchez didn't catch this one when it was first posted in April 2011 -- he might have tried to get a bit more elevation on the ball Monday night against Watt and the Texans in a 23-17 loss.

The posting prompted several hundred comments on the site -- including this explanation from josiahw of how "One Watt puts out many Watts:”

"Lemme drop some physics on you (converting to metric ...):

287 lbs = 130 kg

55.5 in = 1.4 m

Energy output (assuming near 100% efficiency) = 130 kg * 9.81m/s2 * 1.4 m = 1785 Joules

How long a 60 W bulb could be powered = 1785 J / 60 W = 29.75 seconds

Let's assume the energy was released in about 1/4 second. Power = 1785 J / 0.25 s = 7140 Watts (how coincidental) or 9.5 Horsepower.”

Since the average American uses about 2,380 watts per day according to the 2010 numbers provided by the International Energy Agency -- “J. J. Watt could power three people for one day, in one jump," or pretty close to it.

Works for us.

Since today is 10-11-12, it’s time for some more fun with numbers. Next question -- how much energy does Watt burn in this March 2012 YouTube clip where the then-293-pound Watt completes a 57-inch one-step jump and then squats 700 pounds? This clip is also via NX Level.

Then add the energy consumed by those 34 reps benching 225 pounds during the 2011 NFL combine.

Any math or physics majors out there care to guess?

We've run out of fingers and toes.


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