Renaissance Dhani Jones on fitness in NYC

Dhani Jones performs some exercises in midtown Manhattan on Thursday. Gillette

Dhani Jones has no time to slow down.

Jones, the former NFL linebacker and now author/TV host/designer, was in New York on Thursday working with Gillette on the "My City Is My Gym" campaign to promote outdoor fitness sites in New York.

"It's all about using equipment right in front of your eyes instead of going to the gym," said Jones, who splits time between Cincinnati and New York. "If you're waiting at a bus stop, jog in place. If you're waiting for a light to turn, do some squats."

Jones, 34, who works out every few days, said he is no different.

"If I'm going to work in New York, I'm walking," he said. "Recently, I did stand-up paddling surfing for a five-mile race. I completed a 10K. I completed a half-marathon. I did a 60-mile bike ride. And this weekend, I'm competing in the Tough Mudder event in the New York area."

Gillette, through its Odor Shield product, is hoping that people will be more active, Jones said.

"My rules: 1) It's being active in your own community; 2) Setting an example; and 3) Finding the confidence you have and give that to others," he said.