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With the Detroit Tigers starting World Series play tonight against the San Francisco Giants in the City by the Bay, Detroit fans can look to Caesar for some inspiration. This cool cat spends his down time in the pool to strengthen his leg because of a medical condition, shows no fear of water like so many of his domesticated feline counterparts and would make an interesting relay teammate for Michael Phelps or Missy Franklin, not to mention a mean pinch runner. This video was featured on reddit Tuesday and posted by South African game ranger Shimon Levi on his African Dreams YouTube channel.

As far as the World Series goes, at least one fan thinks it's going to be grrrrrrrrreat.

The Tigers used the hashtag #GloveSpike to get fans to post their best Phil Coke glove spike image on Twitter for a shot to win World Series tickets. Fans were fired up:

No one was hurt -- at least in this attempt:

Contestants had to be mindful of one important detail, as this parody account noted:

There were no limits or rules when it came to the size of the glove:

Or the number of Phil Cokes:

Here, kitty, kitty...

No question of loyalty here:

From mattwaz on Instagram.


• Ozzie Guillen was fired as by the Miami Marlins Tuesday. He took to Twitter in the evening, offering his thoughts and good wishes to fans in Spanish and English. Among the translated Spanish tweets: "Thank you to my family and my great friends for the wonderful support, to my sons and my wife, and my countrymen for their support."

And he followed with:

It's likely we'll hear from Ozzie again.

• Will Ferrell dons a Swedish track suit in his latest ad for Old Milwaukee Beer, which featured Jose Canseco in its advertising last month.

Why? Why not?

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