Yearbook, Nov. 13: Dawkins shatters glass

Nov. 13, 1979: We defer to Tom Friend's "Outside the Lines" piece to recap the event of this day 33 years ago -- when Darryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins broke his first backboard:

The closest witness, Bill Robinzine (God rest his soul), had to have his head checked for glass. Dawkins' 76ers teammate Steve Mix rushed to the locker room, dug out a camera and snapped pictures. Their coach, Billy Cunningham, bitched and moaned about the 90-minute delay. Dawkins, thrilled to see the rim fractured on the floor, did what he does best: He gave his slam a formal name.

If You Ain't Groovin' Best Get Movin' -- Chocolate Thunder Flyin' -- Robinzine Cryin' -- Teeth Shakin' -- Glass Breakin' -- Rump Roastin' -- Bun Toastin' -- Glass Still Flyin' -- Wham Bam I Am Jam!

It was a night the earth moved, just a little, and the NBA was never the same. The league ushered in breakaway rims later that season, and hanging on to the basket became taboo and/or a technical foul. It was the Dawkins Rule -- he would live in infamy now -- and young Darryl celebrated the moment by crowning himself "The Master of Disaster."