Art work: HOFer Barry Sanders, reimagined

As an artist, Jesse Hora has creatively reimagined such NBA stars as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and many more for his series Athlete Objects.

Now he's branched out into football, profiling in his special way the elusive and enigmatic former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders:

Barry Sanders Athlete Objects


A Blueberry: More like "Berry" Sanders, ha! (Dad joke.)

Motion Lines: The most elusive runner in NFL history, he never stopped moving.

Stop Sign: This guy could stop on a dime!

Shoes with Hook: Sanders’ retirement came quite unexpectedly and was a matter of controversy, he hung those shoes up far too early.

No. 20: The man spent his entire professional career sporting the Detroit Lions blue.

*Hands Ball to Ref*: Despite his flashy playing style, Sanders was rarely seen celebrating after the whistle was blown. Instead, he preferred to hand the ball to a referee or congratulate his teammates.