Yearbook, Nov. 23: The Hail Flutie

Nov. 23, 1984: "I don't believe it!" Brent Musburger shouted, and it's easy to understand why, still, 28 years later: On this day back in 1984, the Hail Mary became the Hail Flutie thanks to the arm of perhaps the greatest sub-6-foot quarterback of recent times.

The play: A last-second heave of 48 yards (more than 63 yards in the air) to Gerard Phelan, who had slipped behind the Miami Hurricanes' defense. The result: A 47-45 win at the Orange Bowl, stolen by the Boston College Eagles just 28 game seconds after The U took a 45-41 lead. The aftermath: A Heisman Trophy for Flutie (although, admittedly, most of the voting had been conducted before the game), at least one other statue (pictured) and one of the most replayed moments in college football history.

In other words, this Black Friday wasn't so dark for BC.