Yearbook, Nov. 25: Mora's 'playoffs' rant

Nov. 25, 2001: Say the word "playoffs" enough times, and unfailingly someone will repeat it in the manner made popular on this day 11 years ago, by then-Indianapolis Colts coach Jim Mora.

The context, lest we forget: The Colts -- they of back-to-back postseason appearances -- had just lost their third straight game after a 4-3 start. Then local TV reporter Tim Bragg asked Mora if he thought the team needed to win its last six to make the playoffs.

The rest, of course, is stuff of undying legend, brought to us by a man who won 125 career NFL games, it must be said, and who also offered other rants (e.g. "Diddly Poo") -- all of it with that unforgettably expressive face.