Yearbook, Dec. 2: Griffin's Heisman double

Dec. 2, 1975: If Texas A&M redshirt freshman Johnny Manziel wins the Heisman Trophy this season -- and that's still a big "if" -- perhaps the Aggie could do what Ohio State Buckeye Archie Griffin pulled off on this day 37 years ago.

That's when Griffin became the first -- and still only -- player to win multiple Heismans, following his junior-year victory with a senior repeat.

Griffin's lines in those two Big Ten championship seasons: 1,620 yards and 12 touchdowns (on a 6.9 yards per carry) as a junior, 1,357 and four (on a 5.5 average) as a senior. Griffin, who also finished fifth in voting as a sophomore, ran away with both trophies (483-120 in first-place votes over USC's Anthony Davis in 1974, 454-145 over California's Chuck Muncie in 1975).