Check it out: Playbook's holiday gift guide!


Christmas is fast approaching. Kwanzaa, too. And Hanukkah... hey! It's already gone!

Luckily, there's still time (ever heard of a belated gift?). And double-luckily, Playbook's Holiday Gift Guide. Yes, once again, we have some ideas for your loved one, whether he or she is a hockey fan, New York Jets sufferer, Miami Marlins miser or someone so New York Yankees-crazy they can be sated only with a selection of -- wait. We've said too much.

Check out the guide:

1. Arctic Backyard Ice Rink Kit

An NHL season? Ask Santa -- maybe that'll actually work. But you won't need a holiday miracle for hockey to live on in the (northern) U.S.A. -- just snag this backyard ice rink, set it up when the weather gets frigid, and let it freeze, let it freeze, let it freeze. No CBA negotiations necessary.

Starting at $259.99


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