Reliving Peyton Manning's 'SNL' moments

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is set to host "Saturday Night Live" tonight, making him the second Super Bowl-winning Manning brother to do so.

And oh, we have a bombshell.

According to the New York Post, Seth Meyers said the younger brother might just bring more laughs than Peyton Manning did when he hosted back in 2007.

"Obviously we worked with Peyton and I think people know he has a really good sense of humor," Meyers said, according to the paper, "but Eli’s just as good if not a little bit better.’’

We won't know if it's true until tonight. But to get you ready, Playbook revisits some of Peyton's best moments (with some PG-13 language) from his hosting gig:

Manning's monologue

Meatloaf lovers

A shirtless Manning on the set of "300"

And the winner: The United Way digital short